Anti Money Laundering (AML) Policy

Money laundering is defined as the concealment of illegally obtained money in order to pass it off as legitimate funds procured through legal means. This type of theft and illegal activity is especially prevalent in financial institutions and online financial trading areas. This is why we are committed to keeping our customers and our platform safe from all illegal activity.

Our anti-money laundering policy aims to protect our customers and business from illegal activities masquerading under the false guise of legitimate business practices. We do this by taking a combination of steps in order to sort through and inspect all customers profiles and funds coming through our business platform.

Our anti-money laundering framework is defined below:

  • We have an official compliance officer who oversees all customers and takes steps to verify customer identification. In these cases, some information might be needed from our customers in order to ensure compliance with all legislation.
  • The personal information required will be based on whether any customers account or country of origin might prove to be higher risk, or standard risk within the framework our compliance officer utilises. In the case of higher risk origin countries or individual accounts, more information might be required.
  • We will keep up to date on all new developments and legislation with regards to AML policy to ensure that our platform has the highest possible standard of security.
  • We will be sure to implement risk-based procedures throughout all transactions and activity on our platform to ensure compliance along the entire chain of business.
  • In instances where we encounter higher risk transactions accounts where verification has uncovered suspicious activity, we will report this internally and if found to have irregular risk profiles we will report it to the relevant authorities and document the steps we have taken up to this point. We will also inform our customer of the fact that this process is underway and that their account has been flagged.
  • We will ensure customer information is kept safely and securely in our database in order to protect our customers and for future verification purposes of these specific accounts.
  • We will keep all relevant staff trained and updated in these policies to assure complete AML compliance throughout the company.